We are heavily engaged in the skills of training, combat  shooting, tactical and medical training, as well as security services and the protection of persons.  Our business depends entirely on the precise and professional delevery of  service by our employees – therefor we only invite as instructors the most competent experts in a particular field.

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What can Hard Task offer me?

Thanks to the extensive, real world experience of our instructors in the service of the armed forces, police and security, both at home and abroad, we can offer a wide range of services and activities.
We are especially well suited to offer training courses in all aspects of firearms training, tactical training, combat medical courses and courses such as contractors or personal security details.

Are you worried about  personal safety, health or life? Are you looking for personal protection for yourself or your loved ones? We are able to provide continuous personal protection afforded by experienced, highly trained security personnel - exactly tailored to your requirements.


Who are these courses for?

Hard Task Courses are open to all.

Rates are dependent on your requirments. Training services are divided into several levels according to your needs and/or the needs of your company. We can provide both basic and advanced training for professional soldiers,  police officers, security contractors and advanced or novice shooters.

Do you enjoy airsoft, military history or you are just a person who wants to shoot or take part in tactical training test?  We also offer standard training courses designed for more "general" public. These do not require the same level of experience and physical ability of the participants as a more advanced professional level course. At this level, we organize adventure events such as team building with live fire and tactical training for businesses, work groups or other organizations.


What can I expect from Hard Task?

Professional and friendly attitude from the instructors and staff during any activity carried out by the company. We make sure that all of our instructors have extensive previous practical experience in the field in which our courses are taught.


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